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Hebrew Parsing Tutor (Ver 1.0)
Among the most important issues a student faces when learning Biblical Hebrew is the gaining of a solid understanding of the Hebrew verb.  HPT teaches the student how to conjugate or parse the  Hebrew "strong" or regular verb.  The  verb regular veb must be learned before going on to parsing "weak" or irregular verbs. Therefore, HPT concentrates solely on the study of the Hebrew regular verb.
The program is entirely mouse-driven.  Through a series of questions and answers, HPT identifies the form in question.  The interface is very much like an ATM.  The program not only parses verbs.  More importantly, it teaches the student how to parse the regular verb.  The program has many featues to aid the understanding, identification and memorization of Hebrew verbs.  HPT walks the student through an important step toward acquiring a fundamental understanding of the original language of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

HPT is $39. 
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista 7, 7 ror 8 required.
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